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Your premiere source to buy live jellyfish, jellyfish food, and jellyfish tanks. We are the first commercial jellyfish husbandry lab in the world. 


EON Jellyfish Starter Kit

Jellyfish Care

EON Jellyfish Starter Kit

Eon Jellyfish Starter Kit
Eon Jellyfish Starter Kit

EON Jellyfish Starter Kit


$7.50 Shipping On All Dry Goods! 

*dry goods ship separate from perishable items*

  • three-month supply of replacement filters for the EON Jellyfish Tank (carbon and mechanical)

  • 1 Mag-Float Medium aquarium magnet (for acrylic aquariums up to 125 gallons)

  • 1 jellyfish wrangling cup

  • 1 Lifegard Aquatics algae scrub pad

  • 2 acrylic polishing cloths- 100% cotton

  • NOW INCLUDES - API Ammonia, Nitrite & pH Saltwater Test Kits AND Dr. Tim’s One & Only Bacteria and Ammonium Chloride

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