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eon Jellyfish Aquariums

Utilizing a square-flow design, first introduced in the mid 1990's by the Monterey Bay Aquarium & the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, the eon Jellyfish System produces a similar environment encountered by the jellyfish in nature.

With the square-flow design, the jellies are allowed to bell naturally which encourages proper feeding habits. Proper feeding, of course, along with the up and down flow pattern of the tank creates an ideal habitat for sustaining happy and healthy jellies.


*Watch our new EON Instructional Video Series, where we guide you step-by-step on how to get it up and running with jellyfish!*


20 gallon 3ON Jellyfish Aquarium
20 gallon 3ON Jellyfish Aquarium



Similar to our original 10 gallon eon, but now in a 20 gallon stretched version.

Free Ground Shipping on eon10 and eon20 Jellyfish Systems! *dry goods ship separate from perishable items*

Check out our Fish-less Cycling Program © for an opportunity to receive FREE Moon Jellyfish for your new eon!

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Included with this aquarium is:

  • LifeGard QuietOne submersible pump

  • 3-stage filtration (mechanical, chemical, biological)

  • Color-changing LED strips w/ remote control

  • 1-month supply of mechanical and chemical filter replacements

  • 3 FREE small (1") moon jellyfish with your first purchase of jellyfish (after successful completion of Fish-less Cycling Program, with required documentation per FCP guidelines)

  • Quick Start Guide and Complete Instruction Manual PDF


  • Eternal discount code for 10% off any order - anytime

Once you receive your eon20 Jellyfish System and get it set up, please return to and place your first order for jellyfish. NOTE: Initially, you must place an order for jellyfish in order to receive the 3 free FCP jellies. (Jellyfish must be ordered separately because they cannot ship via ground shipping with the jellyfish tank).



• 12.5"L x 15.5"W x 36"H (base is 12"H and exhibit area is 24"H)

• 20 gallons/75 liters (weight w/ saltwater: 200 pounds/ 91kgs)

• Capacity: 30 small or 18 medium or 9 large jellies


We also highly recommend purchasing the API Ammonia and Nitrite Saltwater Test Kits to ensure your newly setup 3ON Jellyfish System has completely cycled.

API Saltwater Test Kit Bundle
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